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Wolfredt – The Lost Art Of Humming (Now Found Again) SINGLE

Estonian psychedelic post-rockers Wolfredt are next up on our ONE-TO-WATCH series, with the fantastic remake of a track from back in 2013. The Lost Art Of Humming was originally on their Lullabies To Vilhelmine album, but the guys have reworked the track and have injected it with a hallucinogenic groove that seeps into your bloodstream, giving off a euphoric and mood-altering, musical high.

The track opens with an eighties electronic drum beat that sounds out of place, but when that wicked bass line kicks in, the track changes gear immediately and the groove and swagger I spoke of earlier starts to take effect on your senses. Fuzzy, low-resolution vocals sink into the mix with their hypnotic and dead pan delivery adding another layer to the tie-dyed vibe. Lead guitars reverb and soar over an infectious rhythm section that has you swaying and tapping to the melody. Picture driving an open- top muscle car along a desert highway, with the midday sun shimmering and melting the road ahead, while this track blasts from the speakers, filling the sandy and sweaty air with a kaleidoscopic feel-good vibe! That should give you an idea of what this track is all about. It’s the sound of the summer, a moment of optimism and positivity in an otherwise crazy moment in time. We all need this track.

Vinyl fans should know that this track, The Art Of Humming is available on a limited edition 8” lathe cut press. Do not miss out on that little gem.